The Bradford District Skating Club is a Skate Canada sanctioned club, run by a volunteer Board of Directors. Please consider volunteering your time. You could be instrumental in shaping the future of the club! It is a challenging and rewarding way to be involved in skating.

Please note, on August 1, 2018 the Annual General Meeting was held in anticipation of the 2018/2019 skating season. Seven members of the BDSC community attended resulting in quorum not being met.   As a result, administration of the BDSC is currently being undertaken by a de facto Board made up of 4 volunteers.  Your patience and understanding is expected when dealing with issues you may have.  These are dedicated individuals who have undertaken a huge responsibility to ensure skating in Bradford continues.  We would like to thank additional individuals who have assisted where they can (you know who you are).

The current Board is comprised of the following volunteers:

President                                            Vacant

Vice President                                    Vacant

Treasurer                                            Vacant

Membership Chair                             Jen MacPhee

Skate Canada Test Chair                   Veronika Tvaradze

StarSkate Co-ordinator                      Jen MacPhee

Publicity Chair                                    Vacant

Secretary                                            Andrea Caverly

On-line registration/Website               Andrea Caverly

Coach's Representative                     Rotational basis

Fundraising/Club Events Chair           Larissa Obidin/Veronika Tvaradze

What are the roles of the Board of Directors?

The Bradford District Skating Club is a non-profit organization constituted under the authority of Skate Canada. 

The Board of Directors is made up entirely of volunteers elected by members of the Club at the Annual General Meeting in the fall. Board members fulfill the following responsibilities:

  • The President chairs the meetings, and generally provides the overall leadership and direction for the club.

  • The Vice President provides support and direction to the Club in all areas, participates on committees, and acts on behalf of the President in her or his absence.

  • The Treasurer prepares the budget and authorizes expenses.

  • The Secretary drafts the agenda, records minutes of Board meetings and summary of action items.

  • The Test Chair organises test days and communicates with SkateCanada

  • The Coaches’ Representative attends all Board meetings, and brings the coaches’ issues and concerns to the attention of the Board.

Mailing Address:  Bradford District Skating Club

                             P.O. Box 1594

                             Bradford, ON  L3Z 1B8


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