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Club Policies

The Bradford District Skating Club (a non-profit organization) is dedicated to teaching the joys and skills of skating to people of all ages. We are committed to ensuring our members have the best skating experience in a professional and fun environment. BSDC is not in any way be responsible for loss of property, damage, or injuries to persons, including participants while on the premises. Membership will be closed for any session which becomes filled. BSDC reserves the right to change sessions or ice times at any time during the skating year as a result of exceptional circumstances or cancel programs where minimum registration levels are not met. BSDC is not required to make up lost time or compensate members for unforeseen ice closures due to special events/circumstances, snow days or equipment/mechanical breakdown beyond our control.


BDSC Registration Policy

  •  Payment must be made either in full or by monthly payments equalling the total registration fee over the course of the program. All monthly post-dated cheques must be received at the time of registration unless on-line registration is made.  On-line registrants must provide payment as prescribed above 5 days prior to the commencement of the program. 

  • Discounts for late registration resulting in missed programming will not be permitted.

  • Registration will be closed after the commencement of the third session on any CanSkate/CanHockey program. No make-ups allowed. The BDSC reserves the right to close any session as necessary.

  •  Skaters will not be permitted on the ice until complete registration forms, waivers and full payment is received. 

  • There will be a $30 service charge for any NSF cheques. 

  • All outstanding fees owed from prior seasons, must be paid in full before renewing your membership with the club. 

  • A CSA approved Hockey helmet MUST be worn by all participants (irrespective of age) up to and including CanSkate Stage 5. Bicycle helmets, skiing or snowboarding helmets and general sports helmets will not be permitted - NO EXCEPTIONS! 

  • StarSkate Intermediate Level and higher: minimum 2-day membership required. (One-day membership is permitted for non-club skaters, 18+ adult skaters, and Junior Level skaters) 

  • Skate Canada and all administration fees are included in the registration fee

  • All fees are for BDSC ice time only and do not include ticket ice  or off-ice sessions.

  • All off-ice classes are to be arranged and paid directly to the organizing coach privately.

  • All ticket ice payments are to be made to BDSC prior to going on ice. 

  • The BDSC reserves the right to cancel a program should the minimum number of participants required to run the program not be met. 

  • From time to time the BDSC may cancel ice to accommodate a special event which may include a guest coach of some notoriety or an ice show performed by our skaters.  While all efforts will be made to minimize program interruptions and conduct "special sessions" on session appropriate levels,  interruption to other programming may be necessary.  No refunds will be issued in these circumstances.  Should a session be cancelled for an ice show all skaters are invited to participate and receive the coaching available for that event.

BDSC Cancellation & Refund Policy

Withdrawal from a skating session before the first day of skating: Skaters who wish to withdraw from skating for any non-medical or non-injury related reason may receive a refund provided they withdraw prior to the commencement of the first skating session for which they are registered.  A $60 cancellation fee will apply.

Withdrawal from a skating session once a skating session has commenced:  Skaters who wish to withdraw from skating for any non-medical or non-injury related reason may receive a refund as follows:

Pre CanSkate, CanSkate and all other non-StarSkate Programs:

  • The Skate Canada membership fee of $58 is non-refundable

  • A $60 Cancellation fee will be applied

  • The refund will be prorated to accommodate for the cost of the first session

  • Withdrawal from any two-day program will be charged an additional $25 administrative fee

  • NO refunds will be processed after the 2nd scheduled class of the session without a medical certificate.

  • Withdrawal will result in the skater being withdrawn for the duration of the season.

StarSkate and Competive Programming including Jr, Stars

  • The Skate Canada membership fee of $58 is non-refundable

  • A $60 cancellation fee will apply

  • NO refunds will be processed after September 30th for fall/winter Sessions or April 15 for spring sessions

  • If eligible for a refund, it will be processed based on the number of session which ought to have been skated based on the registration

Withdrawal from all BDSC skating sessions due to injury/medical reasons:  Skaters who are unable to skate due to an injury or for medical reasons may be given a credit towards a future season.  The Club may require an official medical certificate from the skater requesting the credit.  The credit will be prorated dependent on the amount of the season the skater has completed.

Any other refund requests of exceptional circumstances will be determined at the discretion of the BDSC Board.  All requests for refunds must be submitted in writing by letter or email and will be reviewed by the board for approval.  Decisions will be communicated in writing by letter or email.

If a refund is granted, a cheque will be issued regardless of method of payment.  If a credit is granted a gift certificate will be issued from the Club.  The gift certificate may be applied to an invoice for future skating sessions.  Other than for medical reasons, the gift certificate must be used no later than the following year's season (a certificate issued in 2018/2019 must be used by the 2019/2020 season).  A certificate provided as a result of injury can be used when the skater is medically cleared to resume skating activities.

Rowan's Law - Concussion Protocol

On July 1, 2019, new rules came into effect through the Province of Ontario’s Rowan’s Law, to improve concussion safety in amateur competitive sport. If you are an athlete under 26 years of age, the parent of an athlete under 18, coach, a team trainer or official, you will required to:

  • review any one of Ontario's official Concussion Awareness Resources before registering or serving with your sport organization (current links provided below); and

  • review your sport organization’s Concussion Code of Conduct; and

  • confirm that you have reviewed both of these resources every year with your sport organization(s). 

The Bradford & District Skating Club would like you to take this opportunity to review the official Concussion Awareness Resources that are currently on the Government of Ontario website. Please note that at this time, only the e-booklet resources are available.

Rowan’s Law

Rowan’s Law: Concussion Awareness Resources (main page)

Please review Government of Ontario Concussion Awareness Resource e-booklet that suits you / your family best:

Government of Ontario Concussion Awareness Resource e-booklet: Ages 10 and Under

Government of Ontario Concussion Awareness Resource e-booklet: Ages 11-14

Government of Ontario Concussion Awareness Resource e-booklet: Ages 15 and up

We also encourage you to review the Skate Ontario Concussion Policy Page. 

It is important that if a concussion is suspected the individual MUST receive medical clearance by a physician or nurse-practitioner, preferably with experience in concussion management, in order to return to skate, train off the ice, or coach.

Please note that skaters, coaches, and parents must NOT make the return to skate/train/coach decision on their own, even if the individual's signs and symptoms appear to have stopped.

We have added the Skate Ontario Rowan's Law/Concussion Waiver to our online registration.  As part of this Waiver you are confirming that you have reviewed the material which suits your family best.

Concussions are a serious issue - let’s take the time to educate ourselves of the signs, symptoms, and return to sport processes, so that we can all stay healthy and on the ice!


Privacy Policy

As of January 1, 2004, federal legislation – the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act ("the Act" or "PIPEDA") – came into effect, applying to all businesses and companies in Canada. The Act establishes new rules for privacy. The rules recognize the rights of individuals to control the use of their personal information and impose obligations on organizations to protect personal information in a manner that a reasonable person would consider appropriate in the circumstances. Under the Act, information is defined as personal information if it can be attributable to a specific individual.

At the Bradford and District Skating Club (a non-profit organization) we are committed to ensuring our members' privacy and to abide by the Ten Privacy Principles of the Act.

  1. Accountability
    We are responsible for personal information under our control. BSDC is responsible for monitoring our ongoing compliance with the Privacy Principles

  2. Identifying Purposes
    We will use your personal information only for the purposes for which the information was collected. We will ask for and obtain verbal or written proof of your expressed consent before using it for any other purposes.

  3. Consent
    Your knowledge and consent is required for our collection, use and disclosure of personal information. Your consent may be expressed in writing or be given verbally or electronically.

  4. Limiting Collection
    The collection of your personal information must be by fair and lawful means, and will be limited to that which is necessary for the purposes identified.

  5. Limiting Use, Disclosure and Retention of Personal Information
    Your personal information may only be used or disclosed for the purposes for which it was collected, other purposes you consent to, or as required or permitted by law. We will keep your personal information for as long as is necessary to satisfy the purposes for which it was collected, or as required or permitted by law.

  6. Accuracy
    We will strive to keep your personal information that is collected, used or disclosed to be as accurate, complete, and up-to-date as is necessary for the purposes for which it is to be used.

  7. Safeguards
    Your personal information is protected by using appropriate safeguards that are appropriate to the sensitivity of the information, in order to protect your personal information from unwarranted intrusion, release or misuse.

  8. Openness
    BSDC will answer your questions with respect to specific information about our privacy policies and practices relating to the management of your personal information.

  9. Individual Access
    Upon written request, you will be informed of the existence, use and disclosure of your personal information, and you will be given access to it on a timely basis. You may also verify the accuracy and completeness of your information, and request that it be amended, if appropriate.

  10. Inquiries and Concerns
    Please contact a member of the BSDC Board should you have any inquiries or concerns about our privacy policies and practices:


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